Marketing is an area driven by a change in all its segments. Accordingly, successful marketing is the one that knows how to capture trends, adapting business strategies for them. Let’s try to understand the current key trends in the digital marketing industry, which will hold positions in 2019 as well.

Focus on the strategy for video marketing

In digital marketing, as in other marketing areas, video content starts to prevail. This does not mean that the text and the image will completely lose relevance. However, it is important to understand that the video is the most vivid and popular tool that allows you to convey your message to your target audience.

According to information from The Wall Street Journal, the usage of online video has increased by 10 times between 2011 and 2016. Over the next two years, the trend has only intensified. In the future, according to analysts’ forecasts, its growth will not slow down.

Speaking of the youth audience, online video has become much more popular than cable television among it. Therefore, companies that are aimed at effective interaction with the younger generation need a competent strategy for video marketing. We have also drawn attention to this in the best SMM trends in 2020.

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Native advertising

Traditional advertising bores users. The world is becoming too dynamic and fast for people to get acquainted with information that prompts them to do something directly. The modern audience wants any information to be of use to it. This applies even to advertising for cryptocurrency development and promo.

Native advertising corresponds to this description to the maximum extent. Such information does not strain the person, but, on the contrary, provides him with valuable advice and data. Do you want your brand to be associated with the transparency of doing business, expertise and utility? In this case, your specialists should make videos or articles with valuable tipsthat are related to the specifics of the proposed product.

For example, a cognitive movie about the combination of different types of cheese with specific wines will contribute to the promotion of companies offering these products to customers. And an article with tips on selecting a summer wardrobe can gently motivate your target audience to buy exactly your branded items.

Content personalization

Do you strive to have a content with good conversion? Then, an individual approach should be one of the key points of its creation, but not a general phrase. For example, online-platform StubHub, specializing in selling tickets, has increased its sales numbers by 42%, when it posted a personalized call to this action on the web-site.

New strategies for community development

Working with communities around brands is not a new trend. However, now it’s going to be much more multi-vector. It’s not enough just to organize forums and broadcast news. It is necessary to concentrate on the competent involvement of user content in your business strategy.

To understand how it works, first you need to realize that people began to produce much more content. This can be a winning factor for your brand. For example, sometimes users produce content without additional encouragement, and sometimes brands successfully motivate to it.

As a result, a whole team of opinion leaders is created. You can encourage bloggers who pay attention to your product in many different ways. One of them is to send them presents with your products.

By the way, a grateful audience often posts photos with such presents, thereby motivating new people to become followers of the company.

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Fixing key micro-moments

According to information from Think with Google, the micro-moments are those critical moments when users expect that brands will satisfy their need for reliable and high-quality information, regardless of location and time. This involves targeting not only long-term strategic needs (like purchasing a house) but also many small needs.

Whenever there is a need for learning this or that new information, the vast majority of people choose the option of searching it with their gadgets.

Brands that work on their own reputation in the long term, foresee those micro-momentswhen their audience would need to get an answer to a particular question. Therefore, they initially build a strategy for their digital-marketing in this way. This allows to expect long-term and trusting relationships with customers who know that the company cares about them.

Quick and convenient access to useful information in our time becomes the basis for customers or service customers to become permanent.

Importance of visualization

An obvious fact in the field of digital technologies is that the modern audience is not tuned into the perception of exclusively textual content. The images and/or video recordings must be correctly selected. It is very important to have a harmonious correlation of such principles as:
• balanced submission of the message;
• correct use of interactive elements.

Visual elements are especially relevant, if it is only online video, viewed on smartphones. The popularity of such content is growing, especially in the rush hour. Owning this information, brands are easier to apply it in their promotion. When you build a crypto exchange you have to know ways to promote it and spread the word.

The trend of promoting high-quality video content in current digital marketing strategies is undeniable.

New concepts of customer-orientation

A few years ago customer-orientation was just a nice word, which every brand understood in its own way. Now some basic signs of effective implementation of this principle have been formed, such as:
• successful segmentation of the target audience of the brand;
• involvement of those digital channels that are used by loyal users (now companies cannot expect that customers will come to their sites themselves – they go to those sites where customers spend the most time);
• improvement of SMM strategies, which now are almost at the heart of the entire list of tools used to promote the brand through modern digital technologies;
• dynamic content, characterized by differences for regular and new customers (for example, the client visits your site for the first time and sees information about the advantages of the first order, and regular customers are offered notifications about product updates). We have written more about it in a future content marketing trends 2020.

The content of the site, which provides the needs of new and regular customers differentially, is also called “smart content“.  We talked about it in the UI Trends. This refers to content that is competently personalized for the needs of different segments of the target audience.

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The philosophy of one approach to everyone in modern conditions is perceived as not flexible. It does not give an opportunity to consider different personalities of customers and apply a competent point approach.

Although personalized messages require more effort from professionals, they provide a much better result. Personalized treatment is much better than a general appeal.

The philosophy of such phenomena is not new. It lies in the fact that companies associated with people and a “humanized” approach enjoy great confidence.

Vision of clients as partners

A satisfied customer is not only the buyer or the customer. It is the person who will promote your brand, sharing impressions with his friends or acquaintances. Thus, the client should initially be seen as a potential partner.

Promotion of your brand on all used digital channels should be aimed at forming a loyal audience. According to experts, turning customers into partners does not require significant financial injections.

The main thing is a competent strategy, thanks to which they would want to popularize your company and would see a benefit for themselves in it.

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Creating Explanatory Videos

Concise videos, which are optimal in content and timing, are a separate “trick” of modern digital marketing. It is very good if the company produces explanatory videos. They can be with interesting effects and animation elements.

Such videos show the care of the customer and give him important information (for example, how to clean the monitor of an purchased computer properly, or how to clean up nubuck shoes after the rain). Valuable information in a brief presentation is something that is relevant for a modern client.

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Investing in content developers

In areas where the cost of services is very difficult to calculate, there is always the risk of succumbing to temptation and contacting someone who promises to “make cheaper.” But such a move is extremely irrational.

Specialists who really follow trends and adapt business strategies for them, highly appreciate their work. This is logical and objective. And those who own only basic skills, can not only use the advertising budget irrationally but also slow down the dynamics of your company’s development.

Therefore, pay attention to experts in the digital marketing industry who do not offer dumping prices and can demonstrate fresh successful cases in their own portfolio.

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Summarizing the trends of modern digital marketing in 2019, it is worth noting such current trends:
• the demand for video marketing;
• the demand for native advertising, which benefits the target audience;
• fixation on “micro-moments” when the user searches for your information at a specific time to meet his needs;
• new strategies of customer-orientation;
• the relevance of explanatory videos;
• focus on long-term partnership with the client, rather than encouraging him to a one-time order.

Understanding these trends and skillful usage of them makes the digital marketing area a successful field for the promotion of the brand and, accordingly, of your business.

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