If you are someone struggling to get a good ROI for your email marketing efforts then you have come to the right place. We have devised a system after several experimentation in this wide field of email marketing. We have failed miserably with some experiments and succeeded beyond our wildest dreams with some. We observed these results over a long period and came out with a system that if implemented properly is sure to give results.

Before we tell you about the system, you should know that you don’t need a big email list or any fancy software out there to start seeing results for your email marketing efforts. All you need is a well thought out plan.

We call that plan as “The Mechanism”

Here is a brief about how it works:

Each email you design and send should have one of these purpose:

  • Indoctrinate: Introduce yourself to them
  • Engage: Get them interested in you and make a purchase
  • Ascend : Make them repeat customer and make them buy more
  • Segment: Understand them and learn what they would purchase next
  • Reengage/Win Back: Make them come back again and again

These are known as the five stages of email marketing. If anybody engaged in an email marketing effort is ignoring any one of these stages, then they are making a very expensive mistake.

All these stages are linked to each other. A prospect can’t be engaged if he isn’t even indoctrinated in the first place. They can’t ascend to make more purchase if they are engaged sufficiently.

If you use email marketing smartly and align it with a specific purpose depending upon the stage at which the prospect is, then there is a high chance of making your email marketing efforts profitable.

Let’s get an idea what these five stages are:

1. Indoctrination Emails:

Congratulations! You have a new subscriber to your email list. Now what?

This is where you teach your new prospect about who you are as an organization, what do you stand for, what makes you different, and what should they expect from you.

You send this indoctrination email only once, and never again.

Levis jeans has an email list of more than 1 million subscribers. This is the indoctrination email you receive when you opt in…

Every sentence in the email makes you feel that you are a unique individual who has something to offer. This is what the brand stands for, that everyone should carry their unique style. Along with that, what makes this email special is that they give a call to action which include a discount on the next jeans you buy from their online store. This makes you believe that many more coupons and discounts are coming in the future now that you have opted in to their email list.

2. Engagement or Reengagement emails:

Main motive of engagement emails s to make your prospect your customer. Give them a call to action and drive them to make a purchase. Some companies like hubspot.com uses them when you download a free resource from their website. They send you an emails showing the benefits of a better paid version of the same thing you downloaded.

Other cases where engagement emails are sent are the staple for many online retailers. These are the cart abandonment series. Whenever a user selects a product in an ecommerce website but leaves the site without making a purchase then these are sent. Here is the example of flipkart.com:

3. Ascension Emails:

If you play this stage well, then you can really make big money. Among the customers that you converted through engagement emails like offers and other promotional material, there will a portion of these customer who swill purchase more from you in the future.

So every buyer that you acquired through the engagement series email should be sent and ascension email after sometime.

Some e-retailers send an email with messages like:

“Since you are an awesome customer, you get 30% discount in your next 2 purchases”

These sort of emails will make them come back to you more.

If you are an NGO which was able to get an initial donation from a prospect, then ascension emails showing the impact that their donation has made in the real world will motivate them to make more donations in the future.

4. Segmentation Emails:

The goal of these emails is to understand your customers better. You ask them the services in which they are interested and add them to an appropriate engagement series. Basically you are making your engagement effort more efficient and saving cost by avoiding sending engagement emails to the wrong prospects.

5. Reengage/Win Back:

Sometimes some of your repeat customers go cold for a longer duration of time. Even though you have been sending the segment and ascension sort of emails still there is no response from them. Then it is wise to send some specially curated emails which will reengage them and make them come back to your service.

Pickberry uses a very honest approach in which they send an email like this

This makes your customers feel that you really value them and are willing to make efforts to make them come back.

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