Email Marketing

Our certified Email Market experts create brand awareness and keep our clients in their customer’s radar by creating customized and creative email campaigns.

Our mantra is built on the foundation of outworking others – this comes naturally from our background as former Division-I college basketball players.

What Email Marketing Services Do We Offer?

We offer the following services:

  • Copywriting
  • Landing Page Implementation
  • Split Testing
  • Higher CTR / Conversions

Here at Kamo Digital Solutions, a client can expect to be in an opportunity of growth, recognition and trustworthiness. We don’t guarantee results, but we do expect increases in conversion rates, optimal user experience, a competitive edge, and better search rankings.

Email marketing is a great strategy to create brand awareness and to keep the business in customer’s vision. This is also a great way to retarget customers. We give our clients customized design edits, theme development, copywriting, website integration, and A/B testing. People check their email – a lot – and this is a fool-proof way of getting clients in front of their desired customers.

Our certified email marketing personnel work directly with our clients to deliver:

  • Copywriting: Custom copywriting will be done by our team and confided with the client’s team as well.
  • Custom Landing Pages: We create all of our client’s landing pages to their customization. These landing pages are where subscribers go when they click something in the email. This landing page will feature a specific product or service, or will continue to provide information and take customers deeper into the funnel.
  • Split Testing: We want clients to have the highest open rate, interaction, and chance for conversions. We test client’s email campaigns before they are sent to their subscriber list. We understand how important a subject line is towards whether or not someone opens an email.
  • Higher CTR and Conversion: Emails are six times more likely to get a click than tweets are. Email marketing is said to have even higher conversion rates than both SEO and SMM.


Clients can expect to results within weeks of the start of their email marketing campaign.

We take payments through our online portal, as well as invoices and monthly drafts from accounts.

Our diversified service and packaging, along with our competitive costs, high level of service, and client satisfaction rates puts us as a top digital solutions company.



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