Gym Owners Need To Read This If They Want To Survive the Market in 2020! by Kamo Digital Solutions

If you see attentively, you will see a health and fitness center in every corner of nearly every street. There is no doubt that the health and fitness industry has become extremely competitive. This makes it quite challenging for all entities to get enough sign-ups. Another challenge for health clubs is to maintain loyalty from a customer base and then rake in the critical numbers needed for profit.


In such a competitive environment, you need emerging trends to keep up with ever-changing consumer preferences. Hence, simple OOH advertising or conventional marketing tactics are not all that would work for you. It is crucial for health clubs to step out of their comfort zone and try a strategy that would work with the target audience. So, to ensure that you don’t fall behind in this very evident rat race, here are some tricks you definitely should adopt to get more and more consumers on board:


  • Find your target audience and keep them important 

    For health clubs, especially the local ones, you require a target-based approach. If you are located in Cincinnati, then somebody signing up from Orange County makes absolutely no sense for you. Hence, we recommend that you use long term keywords in your strategy. For instance, create content with, ‘best health clubs in Cincinnati’. This will help the right type of audience reach out to you. Additionally, you need to ensure that your social media page talks about gym-goers. So, do a monthly winner or record someone’s workout to give them easy recognition. This will get more and more people interested in your venture.


  • Make an online presence which is ROI-oriented 

    You must have often heard that social media can be sales-centric but only temporarily. But, what if we tell you that the primary approach that you need is basically being ROI oriented. Now, the thing with this formula is very simple. Today, in this millennial dominated age, nearly 91% users trust online reviews before they consider a product or a service. Even with your particular service, we would recommend that you create content that brings more and more people on-board. Make your testimonials public and create a campaign around them. Depending on the kind of classes you offer and how well they are timed, you would be able to grasp enough attention of different people and get more enrollments.

  • Take timely opportunities to reach the audience when they want to be reached 

    Offer new year discounts, build on the whole new year resolution campaign. It may seem like a tried and tested idea, but the beauty of it is that it works for gym-goers and owners, year on year! Its a psyche you cannot change. Hence, find such occasions. For example, offer Valentine’s day a couple discount. Try your luck with mother-son, mother-daughter sign-ups on Mother’s day. All of these occasions will definitely help you get more and more people on-board, simply because of their sheer timing.Just as additional tips, you can try out the following strategies as well so that they work for you:

  • With social media, your brand gets a face which is more than just a fitness mascot.
  • Your brand can become really interactive and actually motivate people a lot more to go on the whole fitness route.
  • Social media is actually not that expensive if you see. Hence, you can get more and more sign-ups for a much lesser budget as compared to an OOH campaign or a full-blown outdoor marketing activity.


With all of these hacks and tricks, you can keep your consumers running not only in your profit base but also on your treadmills. We also advise you to get a trusted digital agency on board which helps you in realizing a potentially effective strategy that works best for you! Keep the personal factor alive and you are sure to reach a lot of enrollments.

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