Want your blog to go beyond being an ordinary blog which expresses opinions? Want to learn how to fit it smoothly and perfectly into the market optimization lifecycle? We’ve got the right set of words to help you get optimized site where the content is search engine friendly. All of this translates to reaping more benefits which blogging offers. In today’s world, most businesses, individuals and even groups have their blogs and to make the most of it the content needs to be optimized.

But before we jump into the basics of this market optimization lifecycle there’s a little reward we should mention. If you stick around till the end, we’ve got a great 10-point blog and lead magnet audit to help you with your content needs.

1. Research

The key to acing any aspect of blogging is to do your research. There is nothing you cannot learn online and there is nothing your blog cannot achieve. With that said, when it comes to market optimization it is essential to find the perfect keyword and for that research is important. You should stick to using reliable tools and techniques available online like Google Adwords Keyword Tool instead of randomly picking a keyword which seems like the natural fit. Such tools help you find the right keyword for a topic while also checking on what words are being used by your competitors to draw the online traffic. This information is strategically very important in optimization.  

2. Know how to exploit keywords

Now don’t misunderstand the title, we don’t want you to overuse keywords and make your blog hard to read. Instead, we suggest strategically placing keywords where they may naturally fall without the words seeming irrelevant or repetitive. While finding the right keyword is crucial, using it in the right context is equally important. Use this keyword where it will deliver the most impact. You must also use it enough times for the search engine to pick it up. You can include keywords in your title, headings, introduction, conclusion, and even tags.

3. The surprise trick!

If there is one small trick that will always take your blogs miles ahead, it is using links to reference other bloggers. This is not only good blogging manners, but the bonus is you may end up getting a reference link back in the future. When you mention someone or an article, just add their link as a reference. These links will always bring new readers to your blog and helps optimize your content.

4. Beyond the keyword

The second most important thing after finding your keywords is including relevant topics into your blog. You see Google doesn’t function just by matching keywords to people instead it connects people with the content on a mentioned topic. So, to broaden your scope and optimize your content in the best way you should include concepts and subtopics related to your keyword into the blog seamlessly.

5. Keep it engaging!

Writing for the web can be tricky! You have only a few seconds to truly engage your reader before you lose their attention. So, what can you do? Stick to quality content which is detailed in the writing and is visually appealing. Short paragraphs, subheads, bullet points, many images – these are just a few tips to remember! Check out this blog to see how all these elements can make for an engaging post.

Wanted a few more pointers on managing your blog content? Download this 10-Point Blog and Lead Magnet Audit which will surely be insightful!

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