Facebook is not only a basic social networking website, but also a great platform for businesses. There are many tools that you can use to bring more customers to your website.

Facebook Pixel is one such tool Facebook has created for marketers and businesses. However, many marketers and businesses/companies don’t even know it exists, let alone understand how to use it effectively for their business.

A Facebook pixel helps you in monitoring the performance of your Facebook ads and tracking your audience. Later on, you can use the generated data or report for retargeting an audience.

And as we all know, for a marketer or business, retargeting is the most effective medium of closing a potential customer. It offers the highest returns on ad spends for advertisers. 

Before we move ahead let us understand what Facebook Pixel is, and how does it work?

Ultimately, Facebook pixel helps you to extract the most of your social ad budget and get unbelievable results, and its 100% free.

It is a simple analytics tool, which contains a snippet code that you have to put on your website. Like any other tags in the back end of your website, it helps in driving and decoding key performance metrics. 

It uses cookies to track your visitors as they visit your website and your Facebook ads. You can use this data for retargeting those users through Facebook ads in the near future, and then you can monitor what they are doing when they return.

It will help you to gain more insights about your potential customers, send customized messages to users who already know about you or are familiar with your brand, and track the effectiveness of your paid social adverts.

Facebook Pixel: Why do you need it?

The Facebook Pixel tracks and provides valuable data that you can use to create better Facebook ads to target your potential customer.

The data provided by Facebook pixel ensures your ads are seen by the people who are most likely to take any particular action you want them to, be it visiting a webpage or buying a product or service, etc. This ultimately helps you to improve your conversion rate and get better ROI. 

How Facebook Pixel makes digital marketing more effective?

The Facebook Pixel helps you, monitor, track, and boost ROI, but a lot of other tools offer this too, so, how is the Facebook Pixel better?

Well, let’s find out what the Facebook Pixel can do for you in exact terms.

Creating a lookalike audience is one hell of an option:

With the help of Facebook’s targeting data, you can create a lookalike audience of individuals who have the same interests, likes, and demographics to visitors who are already visiting and engaging with your website. It helps you in expanding your potential customer base. 

You can optimize your Facebook ads for conversions and value

For particular conversion events on your site, you can use Facebook tracking pixel data to optimize your Facebook ads. Unlike other tools that only allow you to optimize link clicks, Facebook Pixel allows you to get more close to business goals, like sign-ups and purchases. 

Optimizing ads for value is something that can help a business in retaining customers. Facebook is capable of collecting data regarding who buys from your website and how much amount the customer is spending, this, in return, will help you optimize your ad audience based on value.  

What it will do is that it will automatically show your ads to your potential customers, or you can say to people who are most likely to make high-value purchases.

Conversion tracking and retargeting: Who doesn’t want that?

Finding out how your audience interacts with your website after viewing your Facebook ad is one of the most crucial things in the world of digital marketing, well, now you can use Facebook Pixel for it.

You can see and track whether people make purchases on their smartphones or switch to their desktop before making a purchase or vice versa. It will help you in improving your ad placement strategy and calculating your ROI. The convergence of data and dynamic ads allow you to show targeted ads to individuals who have already been on your website. 

For instance, you can show your audience an advert for the exact product or its substitute that they have shortlisted or abandoned in their cart on your website.

Final Verdict

Well, the pixel might sound like a small technology, but must know that big things come in small packages. The Facebook Pixel practically plays a very crucial role in the digital marketing landscape. 

So, you can never underestimate the power of this teeny tiny technology. 

You can always download our free resource if you are interested in How To Track ANY Facebook and Website Activity To RETARGET.

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