Kamo Digital Partners With Asaaba Jewelry

eCommerce start-up jewelry brand opts to go with Kamo Digital for brand and revenue growth. 

Asaaba, a Nigerian inspired e-commerce store has hit the ground running and projects a strong year in 2020. This brand brings high-quality, trend-setting, and affordable jewelry backed by the strong roots and inspirations of Asaaba, Nigeria. Using the eCommerce platform Shopify, Asaaba will be able to offload the majority of their sales process, including order tracking, shipping, inventory, web hosting, and product editing through the platform.

Kamo Digital has growth frameworks in place that look to turn Asaaba Jewelry into a brand with national awareness. Check out Asaaba Jewelry here!


This store also intends to give back to a great cause known as the WOC (Women, Orphan, and Children) for Hope Foundation, known to combat food insecurity and provide necessities for widows and children.

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