Kamo Digital Triples Conversion Rate for Devaney Dentistry’s New Patient Funnel

DeVaney Dentistry, with two practices in Greensboro and Oak Ridge, NC, were looking for their stake in the Greensboro market since opening their new location last year.


Since taking over their entire marketing budget in the latter months of 2019, Kamo Digital has shown a significant increase in return on investment (ROI) for DeVaney Dentistry. As stated, they wanted as many qualified patients as possible in the doors of their new branch in Greensboro. With strategically structured Google and Facebook ad campaigns and hyper-specific targeting, Devaney was able to save close to 70% of their ad spend monthly! 


Kamo Digital combined the usage of consumer psychology, with the help of data-backed insights and an expertise in the field of paid traffic, to double conversion rates with less than half the ad spend as prior to their partnership.


Dr. Matt DeVaney is a certified dentist, who is an expert in sedation dentistry. In fact, Dr. Devaney is only one of three dentists in his area with the licenses to perform all of the sedations and treatments in one visit.


Be sure to check out their website here.

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