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Using various B2B lead generation software and techniques developed in-house, our Lead Generation models allow for clients to receive highly targeted leads with valuable information that can be crucial to adding customers into their ecosystem. We offer the targeted & qualified B2C and B2B lead generation services.​

What Can Our B2B Lead Generation Techniques Offer?

High Speed and Volume

High Speed and Volume: Being able to gather large amounts of data in a time-efficient manner is huge for pusing your growth efforts.

Direct Contact

Getting in front of decision makers – not gate keepers – is key in building funnels and ecosystems. This can be anything related to contact details. This includes names, emails, and phone numbers. This is also asking about customer experience and voluntary reviews. ​

Quality and Targeted Leads

The proper research and analysis allows us to target and reach the right people that have the best chance to confide in our client’s products and services.​

Our Lead Generation techniques and B2B lead generation software has proven to:

Here at Kamo Digital Solutions, a client can expect to be in an opportunity of growth, recognition and trustworthiness. We don’t guarantee results, but we do expect increases in conversion rates, optimal user experience, a competitive edge, and better search rankings.

Business Leaders Generation and B2B Platinum Lead Generation

Systematically gather hyper-targeted leads with vital business owner information such as personal emails, addresses, and phone numbers. This will allow our clients the access to quality leads that will give them a jump start. We want our clients to focus on the products and services they provide.

Outreach Script Campaigns

We have developed software programs that is able to scrape data off of authoritative network platforms. This allows us to gather information at a high speed and volume for generating leads for a specific market or industry. It also is able to connect and interact (via message) with those who are at the top of their industry, and are decision makers, not gate keepers. Being able to have direct contact with business owners, CEOs, and project managers is huge for developing a network to generate leads.

Social Media Automation and Engagement

This is in part with our social media package. This software is able to use client’s accounts and target specific accounts to interact with their audiences. This allows us to engage with warm audiences who will be receptive and interested in the engagement of the used account. This has been proven to increase social outreach and social proof, and leads to more impressions, views, followings, and engagement.

FAQ Questions

Clients can expect to see results within a week of deployment of our Lead Gen techniques and software.
We take payments through our online portal, as well as invoices and monthly drafts from accounts.

Our diversified service and packaging, along with our competitive costs, high level of service, and client satisfaction rates puts us as a top digital solutions company.



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