Ever since the beginning of the real estate boom, most realtors have been looking for strategies to keep up with ever-changing consumer preferences. Social media, for one, was one of the primary game-changers for real estate agents who were looking at creating a niche for themselves.

Right from purchasing Facebook Business Ads, to sharing albums of the houses they have sold, real estate professionals have harnessed this medium’s potential to the fullest. Did you know that nearly 84% of realtors have jumped on the digital marketing bandwagon? If you are in the left out 16%, then here are some essentials for you to learn to ensure that your leap is entirely worth it:


1.)   Start by developing an email campaign

Irrespective of the industry, an email campaign almost always works! It is a valuable tool available at your disposal for connecting to potential leads and staying in touch with past clients. Ideally, when you make a proper campaign, you would be able to funnel potential clients with the help of a preset buyer profile. Additionally, their previous engagements would also come in handy for you.

As per Smart Insights, the average open rate for emails sent by realtors is nearly 27%. However, the CTR(Click-through rate) stands at 3%. But don’t be demotivated. If you use the right content that interests the audience. For example, send out a garden cover image to families that have just had kids. They are sure to be more interested in opening an email like this as compared to a bachelor looking for a new house.

2)     Create a website that helps consumers navigate through it easily

With so many options in the market, it does not take even two seconds for a potential consumer to go off your website. They can simply log off and go to your competitor’s website if they find something inconvenient. We recommend that you integrate features like chatbot and quick responsiveness.

Most people looking for real estate options are not in the attention realm for a long time. Since it is a big expenditure, they want to weigh in all of their options carefully. With convenient features, you surely would be able to keep them on-board for enough time to sign up.

3)     Don’t underestimate the power of pay per click advertising

Pay-per-click is definitely a strategy you can adopt. It really helps realtors to generate new leads. This basically works by a realtor paying for ads which gives them a lead every time somebody clicks on them. It is a digital marketing strategy available at your disposal to get genuinely interested clients on board. The best part is that you can make your PPC quite effective too. So, you can target them to audience that have looked up similar keywords online.


Here are some more additional tips that we feel should come in your real estate digital marketing essentials:

        Since people are quite interested in reading the content they like, you can try your hand at blogs such as different kind of houses. Try a series with ‘best type of houses for newly-weds’ and subtly place in your projects for people to try out.

        Another strategy that can really work for you is hosting Facebook lives or going for virtual tours which are sure to stand out. This way more and more people can come on board and join you as you give them an idea about what you are going to offer.

        You can also conduct webinars to assert your expertise without trying too hard. Also, do not ever forget the importance of a stable SEO strategy; especially in a location-based job like this.


In a nutshell, just remember to keep the relevance of your content intact. Use social media strategies that attract potential buyers but are not in-their-face with extreme marketing. We would also recommend you develop buyer profiles for your target consumers. All of these strategies would surely help your sales chart go up.

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