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Our team understands how important social media is to our everyday life, and as a millennial-sustained company, we understand the factors to drive customer loyalty, brand awareness, and conversions to our clients.

What Is Our Social Media Marketing Process?

  • Brand Awareness: Combining organic posts with ad platforms, clients will be able to establish a relationship with new followers.
  • Higher Engagement Rates: Clients can expect to see more comments, inquiries, and likes on their social media pages regarding products and events.
  • Campaign Reports and Analysis: We look at data weekly to see what’s working and what’s not. All reports will be completely transparent in terms of relaying what the issues and breakthroughs are.
  • Content Management: Our team will create unique and engaging posts, and we will confide in the client’s team as well to an agreeable post. A member of our team will be dedicated to manage strategies and advise.

Here at Kamo Digital Solutions, a client can expect to be in an opportunity of growth, recognition and trustworthiness. We don’t guarantee results, but we do expect increases in conversion rates, optimal user experience, a competitive edge, and better search rankings and visibility.

Our social media management team works directly with our clients to:

  • Consultation with Social Media Account Manager: When clients invest in social media services from Kamo Digital, they will receive a dedicated social media account manager. This social media manager oversees and manages every aspect of their social media campaign, from the content of your posts to the design of your images. They will also lead a customized social media strategy, researching your companies online reputation, competition, and past social media performance.
  • Analysis and Breakdown of Current State and Market: Once a dedicated social media account manager meets with a client’s team, no matter in person or a phone call, the process of launching a campaign immediately starts. A massive amount of research must be gathered, looking into history, competitors and more. This research is important for the social media manager because it provides valuable information about the best strategy that is needed as well as revealing hurdles, obstacles and opportunities that may come in the future.
  • Custom Data-Driven Strategy: Once research is completed, we sit down with the client to talk about how they want to envision their presence on social media moving forward. Both short and long term strategies will be laid out. We will be able to put together post strategies, ad campaigns, and outreach methods to roll out. Also, we will be able to run automation bots to receive organic traffic and engagement.
  • Engagement and Automation Software Implementation: Our plans and packages include software that is proven to boost social media engagement, followers, and likes. We are able to give clients a strong presence that is trusted and respected.


Although this varies by case, social media is one of the fastest ways to build a brand, and clients can expect to see results within weeks of strategy deployment.

We take payments through our online portal, as well as invoices and monthly drafts from accounts.

Our diversified service and packaging, along with our competitive costs, high level of service, and client satisfaction rates puts us as a top digital solutions company.



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