Right from travel blogs to news blogs, fintech to sports, there is an entire world of information in the blog verse which is ready to inform, educate and even entertain you. So, now how do you leap into this world of top-notch blogs and create something that will not be lost in the layers and […]

12 Women in Marketing to Watch Out For – by Becky Zieber

Marketing used to be a man’s world. Think Mad Men: Don Draper and the testosterone-driven, alpha-male world of Madison Avenue. But that is all changing. These days, women are flexing their marketing muscles and making an impact. And we’re especially impressed with these 12 women who are taking the lead in key areas of digital marketing. […]

How Effective is Facebook Advertising? The Truth About Facebook ROI – by Ali Parmelee

Since its founding over a decade ago, Facebook has grown from an online novelty for Ivy League undergrads into a global powerhouse that affects the day-to-day lives of almost everyone in the country. The fuel behind this unprecedented rise has been advertising. The social network generated almost $27 billion in advertising revenues in 2016, up from only […]

Top Ways to Get Your Page More Likes on Facebook and Instagram

In today’s day and age, where everything rotates around the digital realm, having Facebook visibility has become a pre-requisite. Facebook, today boasts of over two billion users; which is a clear reflection on the business growth it offers to an entity. However, the drawback here is that there are nearly 60 million active pages for […]

Why are some dental websites more effective than others? by Kamo Digital Solutions

When it comes to digital marketing for medical content, strategists often find themselves in a fix. It is tough to go beyond the conventional content and create a USP (Unique Selling Point) for something that does not have any roots in the online realm. So, if you are also in the same boat and are […]

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