Right from travel blogs to news blogs, fintech to sports, there is an entire world of information in the blog verse which is ready to inform, educate and even entertain you.

So, now how do you leap into this world of top-notch blogs and create something that will not be lost in the layers and layers of information?

To make it quick and easy – we’ve got all the tricks and tips you need in this ultimate guide to writing amazing blogs! We will not only guide you through the style of writing and different topics you may consider but will also leave you with over 200 ideas for killer blog posts which will kickstart your blog. Let’s leap right into this guide…

1. Choose & understand your audience

The first and most important trick to writing an excellent blog is to understand who you’re writing for. And once you have a basic understanding of your audience, your task gets easier.

It’s almost like having a conversation. How easy and smooth is a chat when you know who you’re talking to. To understand your target audience, you must first know what you intend to write about. Do you hope to engage people with a love for beauty and fashion? Do you expect to target travel enthusiasts? Once you have this crucial aspect of your blog clear, you can move on to creating useful blogs right from how-to-post, ultimate guide post to even a list post.

There are so many routes to take with these useful blogs which will be crucial in establishing your position in your niche. Read this article by Forbes about why understanding your audience is crucial.

2. Keep it real!

Across all blogs, if there is one thing most readers appreciate it is a human voice, from someone they can understand, associate with or even argue with, a human touch will give that! And you can achieve that in a blog post by using different post styles like an inspirational post which could be something as brief as a quote or elaborate like a story.

You can even choose a rant or behind the scenes post. All of these works amazingly well in engaging your audience.

3. Be consistent

While starting a blog may be daunting and initially it may not be very rewarding too, but the key is to be consistent with your content.

Keep churning something relevant, engaging and entertaining to draw more people and soon you’ll make the mark. You must always remain up to date with the things happening in your field. Say you have a blog on fashion, then you must keep in check with the latest fashion show and do a review post! You could even choose to do an issue post about something relevant as that will get your blog in the limelight!

4. Engage your audience

One key to writing top quality blogs is writing engaging content. Your post should create the desire in your readers to participate in the comments or express sincerity by sharing.

 At a later point you could even announce a giveaway – this is one of the best marketing tricks so celebrate a milestone with such contests and watch your numbers soar…look at this travel blog for instance that did a great giveaway for their readers!

5. All about the details

As much as blog posts are about the words, the visuals, header, subheads and even hashtags are equally important. The right photos and right title can do wonders for your blog post, remember that! These small details will make your post shareworthy. Check out Elle’s blog which is easily amongst the best in the world and it’s all about the details.

Ready to start your blog? Keep all things in mind and you’ll go a long way. If you want more help, don’t forget to download 200+ ideas for killer blog posts right here! 

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