Top Ways to Get Your Page More Likes on Facebook and Instagram

In today’s day and age, where everything rotates around the digital realm, having Facebook visibility has become a pre-requisite. Facebook, today boasts of over two billion users; which is a clear reflection on the business growth it offers to an entity. However, the drawback here is that there are nearly 60 million active pages for Facebook business- meaning that there is quite a bit of competition for all of these likes. If you are also in the same boat, then here are some hacks for you to increase your likes and followers on your Facebook business page: 


Facebook hacks: 


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Way #1: Make your page easily searchable

The logic behind this is as simple as it can get. If they can’t find it, what will they like? While most people recommend you to have an easily searchable page, you can also invest some time in finding a memorable and consistent user name that resonates well with your target audience.


Our tip: One underrated trick is to add the Facebook button on your blogs and around the content that you share on other social media platforms. 


Way #2: Always remember, content is the King

You can go around it and try posting hygiene content week on week, but ultimately the quality of your content is going to win your hearts. Include compelling visuals, since we live in a very passive age. Most users scroll through in their free time and too much to read can be a big deal-breaker for them.


Our tip: Do not go too overboard with your promotions. We understand you want to sell your brand, but subtlety is always the key! 


Way #3: Do not underestimate the power of Facebook ads

There is a reason facebook ads are there at your disposal. The brilliant minds at Facebook have worked their brains out to get business entities an algorithm which can be profitable to them.


Our tip: Even if it decreases your probable reach slightly, do not sway away from your target audience. It is crucial to get quality with quantity when it comes to sales and promotions.

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Way #4: Facebook insights are your best friend

Most marketers treat insights like Math. It seems so tough by the looks of it, that they stay away from delving into this world at all. Regular insights can give you a complete taste of where you stand in the market and what are the potential areas that you can harness.


Our tip: Regularly follow up on the insights and keep a special eye out on what kind of content is keeping your audience engaged.


Instagram hacks:

Instagram has proven itself to be the go-to social choice for millennials. Today, it stands as a coveted market place for selling, marketing, and serious networking. It has about 200 million members who share nearly 60 million images a day at an average. With about 1.6 billion likes a day exchanged, it would be a fool’s errand to not harness this potential in the digital realm. To that effect, here are some amazing Instagram hacks that we recommend for you to increase the followers on your business page:

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Way #1: Make a dedicated hashtag and cross-promote it

Keep multiple hashtags, but have one that goes with your brand. For instance #DoTheDew. Make sure your users know about it and it is used as far as possible to keep your brand on top and more visible. 

Our tip: Take a leap for it and subtly put it wherever possible. Do not just keep hoping that people will find it themselves. 


Way #2: Do not ignore indulgent conversations

Contrary to the popular belief, Instagram also offers some high end quality conversations, It is not all about pictures. Hence, wherever you find an interesting conversation happening; partake!


Our tip: Keep a dedicated resource to find out the trending hashtags and see what conversations are attracting people’s eyes. Get quirky and participate for subtle visibility. 


Way #3: Use your BIO URL to your advantage

Do not waste all your bio space to put your website link. Keep updating it with new offers, new thoughts. The more the quirkiness, the more the traction!


Our tip: Keep promoting new stuff bi-weekly. Afterall, ‘link in bio’ is a trend here to stay for a long time. 


Way #4: Keep a tab on unwanted tagged photos

For good branding, you do not need to follow the cliche of, “any publicity is good publicity”. In fact, keep your brand niche and ensure you are visible only in backgrounds where you would want yourself to be seen.


Our tip: Keep the tagged photos setting to, “allow on my page”.Keep untagging yourself regularly. 

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With the aforementioned tips curated for you, we are pretty sure- digital dominance for your business page is just a few strategies away! 

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