Looking for ways to convert visitors into loyal readers? Well, you’ve just hit jackpot as we have compiled a list of the best converting blog templates. We have also included a bonus of 7 perfect layouts to any type of blog to covert new users. Everything you need right from the little tips and tricks to get that conversion rolling is right here. 

From travel blogs to even news blogs, these tricks are applicable for all and will help make your content work for you! 

Let’s dive right in…

1. The subscription page

A classic rule to any form of marketing is having a great introduction! Sure, the entire pitch needs to be amazing as well but what truly draws visitors and keeps them coming back is an unforgettable intro and the landing page of a blog is just that! Why should people choose your blog and subscribe to it? What makes your blog special? You must also include a dedicated blog subscription option there. This old trick is an important one! Not only does this make subscribing an easy option but also gives Google more to index and rank.

2. Visuals, Visuals, and Visuals

The one thing, we love even more than words itself, it is visuals. No matter what your blog is about, visuals is the key to taking your content to the next level. If the world of Instagram and Pinterest has taught us something it is that visual appeal and aesthetic is important for brand image in marketing.

Striking colors, relevant images, and just great subjects seem to be more powerful than words. Just look at Dan flying solo‘s blog for instance, how exciting and inviting do the images make the blog look!

3. A mobile-friendly design

Considering how a major chunk of readers check blogs from their phone, making sure your blog has a mobile responsive design is crucial for the blog’s growth. Including such a design would ensure browsing and even reading is a much smoother experience. And the responsive design is an efficient choice as everything is automatic and doesn’t need a separate design. It is small details like these that help convert visitors into subscribers.

4. Easy access to share links

The first reaction to finding good content on the internet is the urge to share it and this need is important for your blog. Alongside every post, and on the main page, you must imbed share links right into the design. You must use simple and clear social share buttons to ensure your readers have the option to share easily available when they want. This will help bring in a wave of readers with each share.

5. All about the content

Even though we are mentioning this in the last point, don’t let it seem any less important. Content is the most important thing in your blog, and when we say content, we mean not just the articles itself but also the small details. Right from a catchy headline to small paragraphs, highlighting your author, and using bright images, all of these together make for the perfect blog content. Look at this fashion blogger’s post for instance, right from the font to the layout and the pictures everything is engaging! Despite having too many photos and not too many words, the blog post seems complete.  

Wait a moment, the tips and tricks don’t end with this…Download these 7 perfect layouts to any type of blog to covert new users right here!

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