Why are some dental websites more effective than others? by Kamo Digital Solutions

When it comes to digital marketing for medical content, strategists often find themselves in a fix. It is tough to go beyond the conventional content and create a USP (Unique Selling Point) for something that does not have any roots in the online realm. So, if you are also in the same boat and are wondering what will make your dental website stand out, then you have come just to the right place:


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Content is relevant and high on quality

The first rule of digital marketing is that content always needs to be of prime importance. Your potential patients need to find all the valuable information they need and your existing patients should find enough matter to continue with you. One important point to remember with a dental website is that the competition is high. Most people are looking for information while on a run. So, your mobile users would simply prefer to scan through the text to procure the information they require.

Our tip: Give a little more importance to your UX as compared to SEO. Convenient user experience will ensure patients return.


UI/UX is not ignored

Taking from our last point, for a dental website to stand out; we recommend that you prioritize your user interface and design. Extensive research on keywords would help you reach more potential clients and get your conversions for sales. 

Our tip: Keep your design process simple. Begin with evaluating the practice in general and also place its positioning in the current marketplace. Assess this in tandem with how your users are responding and how many conversions you are getting, based on your current designs. 


Search engine optimization is a priority
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Pay special attention to the security of the patients

Most health care sites face security issues. With any data theft or any fear of the patient’s identity, you may end up losing all your patients. Since most users have become tech-savvy nowadays, they expect their credit card details to be secure as well as their e-mail addresses to remain intact. So, ensure that you take special encryption measures to keep the data of your patients safe. 

Our tip: Most cyber crooks treat dental practices as lesser aware. Hence, they end up becoming more aware. Ensure that you use a TLS (Transport Layer Security) and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) system for better security.


Unique in their own ways

Maybe your location stands out or your unique style of handling patients is your USP. If it is your service that keeps your patients coming back, then ensure you have enough testimonials. If you have a kid’s centric clinic, then go for some funny videos on your website which makes the parents feel like their kids are in friendly hands. Basically, ensure that your USP is well known and promoted.

Our tip: Do enough research pre-designing your website. Figure out what would keep your target audience interested and strategize your website content accordingly. We would reiterate one more point. Do not go offbeat in lieu of sounding unique. Keep the integral information accessible. This will help the patients seek just what they need.

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Visual content is highlighted

The attention span of users is always a challenge for digital marketers. If you feed in too much textual information, chances are your users log out faster than they came on board. We highly recommend that you bend your content towards the visual side a little more than just textual. Even if you have blogs and articles, ensure that you put GIFs or infographics to keep readers from pressing the back button. Visual content also sets a theme for your website and is as such, one of the most important aspects of how it is designed.

Our tip: Get an ace UX team on board. Keep a good budget for them. Do not pick only stock images and try making your visuals as real as you possibly can.

Keep it simple, keep it crisp and keep it to the point! Make it visually appealing. We also recommend putting valuable information once in a while to assert your knowledge in the required domain. With all of the aforementioned tips, your website is sure to grab eyes or- more like smiles of potential dental patients. 

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