College Basketball Parents’ Association

The College Basketball Parents’ Association (CBPA) seeks to educate, empower and build community among the parents and guardians of college basketball players. Through networking and educational opportunities, the CBPA helps parents navigate the recruitment process, exploration of name/image/likeness opportunities, and transition from college to career.
We developed a straightforward, mobile-friendly website that helps the CBPA communicate who they are and bring more parents into their community.

Tim Ocampo Realty

Tim Ocampo, a licensed broker and realtor at Costello Real Estate Investments in Raleigh, N.C., asked us to build a website that highlighted his work and personal brand — and we delivered.
We helped Tim showcase his professional credentials with a personal touch. Our UX design makes it easy for customers to learn about Tim’s properties in the Triangle and inquire about the valuation of their homes. We also integrated an MLS IDX into the website so that Tim’s lead could easily search for available properties.

DeVaney Dentistry

DeVaney Dentistry came to Kamo Digital for help to optimize all aspects of their online presence. We provided the following services: a full website renovation, search engine optimization (SEO), landing page development (Implants, Sedation, and One-Day Smile), Google/Facebook Ads campaigns, campaign and brand strategy, thought leadership, and automation.
In 2020, we achieved a consistent increase in monthly organic traffic on DeVaney’s website as compared to 2019 — and about a 50% increase overall.


While preparing for a new product release, AZOTH consulted Kamo Digital for a website revamp. We provided website renovation and front-end development, as well as user experience (UX) design.
Informed by wireframes and prototypes, we developed a UX concept to help users understand what AZOTH 3.0 is and how it works. Our concept displayed the science behind AZOTH 3.0 without compromising clean visual design. We also delivered motion design and animation to enhance the AZOTH website’s interactivity and appeal.


We are pleased to announce that at Kamo Digital, we have been working with Hyco Lake Boat Rentals to build custom technology that enables them to better engage with their customers and grow their business. A few months ago, Hyco Lake Boat Rentals reached out to Kamo in need of software that would enable them to display their boats and and all relevant information to their customers. They asked for an application that would allow renters to visualize the boating experience.