We are pleased to announce that at Kamo Digital, we have been working with Hyco Lake Boat Rentals to build custom technology that enables them to better engage with their customers and grow their business. A few months ago, Hyco Lake Boat Rentals reached out to Kamo in need of software that would enable them to display their boats and and all relevant information to their customers. They asked for an application that would allow renters to visualize the boating experience.

We built them BoatSTR, a modern booking platform for boat rental businesses to solve their business needs. BoatSTR allows Hyco Lake Boats Rentals as well as any boat rental company to set up a full web application that lists all their boats, displays boat listings with their calendar availability and pricing, and receives/handles all booking inquiries directly through the application.

Since partnering with Hyco Lake Boat Rentals we have received interest from other rental operations and look forward to building products and applications for them as well.

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